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Auto and Truck Axle APPLICATIONS

Axles and Driveline Repair and Replacement

Depending on whether your vehicle is rear wheel, front wheel or four-wheel drive, you may have different driveline configuration. Driveline is the connection between your transmission and differential or drivetrain. Universal joints are used to connect these parts together.

An unusual noise during acceleration or a noise during shifting can be a sign of bad universal joint and needs to be replaced. When your car is on the lift, the visual inspection and checking for loose connections should be a standard practice for any axle repair shop.

This is why it is important to have an honest axle repair shop to point out the necessary axle repairs or axle replacement only when needed.

Any axle for Domestic cars, trucks, SUVs and vans from 1955 to present.

Below you see a detailed series of applications:
Chrysler 8.25" 1971-present
Cyrysler 8 3/4 1957-73
Chrysler 9.25" 1972-present
Ford 7.5" Aerostar, Ranger1983-present
Ford 8.8" Open and Locking 1984-present
Ford 9" Open and Locking 1957-86
Ford 8" Open and Locking 1961-80
Ford 10.25 10.5 Open and Locking 1985-present
GM 7.5"/7.625" 1982-present
GM 8.2 1955-64 Chevrolet, Belair
GM 8.2 1964-69 Camaro Chevelle Nova, etc
GM 8.5" 10 Bolt Rear 1970-present
GM 8.875" 12 Bolt car or truck
GM 9.5" 14 Bolt semi float 1981-present
GM 10.5 14 Bolt 1973-present
GM 8.25 IFS and 9.25 IFS 1989 - present
Pontiac 8.2 1965-72 GTO Tempest Firebird
Dana Model 30, 35, 44, 44-HD,60, 70, and 80 - Dodge, Ford, GM and Jeep

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